A Vertical Solution that Optimizes Floor Space

Uni-Craft Corp.’s Mast Lifts are designed to fit into tight spaces where a traditional scissor lift may require a larger footprint. The Mast Lift is designed to operate like a standard fork truck, with a rigid vertical mast and vertical hydraulic cylinder. The standard low-profile platform provides a minimum lowering height to allow the Mast Lift to be easily loaded with a pallet jack for added safety and accessibility. The equipment is offered with a platform or adjustable forks, increasing the versatility in moving product from floor level to a fixed elevation of up to 20 feet. The Mast Lift has a small footprint and can be built for front loading or left to right load and unload for more versatility. The heavy-duty construction, permanent wall mounting, or free-standing floor mount allows this product to be a dependable solution for many years.


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