Efficiently Reposition Oversized and Odd Shaped Materials

Uni-Craft’s unique Pass Through Upender provides complete rotation for specialized manufacturing operation applications and is ideal for the repositioning of large, round or odd shaped objects such as dies, rolls or coils. V-shaped cradles or other fixtures can be mounted to the platforms to assist with pallet, roll handling or crate repositioning. Tiltable up to 95° and capable of standard capacities ranging up to 8,000 pounds, and beyond when needed, the Uni-Craft Upender is an ergonomic solution specific to each application.


  • Tilt angle ranging to 95°
  • Designed for hand tool removable replacement parts to minimize down time
  • Multiple power unit options to meet your speed and voltage requirements (starting at ½ HP)
  • High cycle packages available
  • Multiple control options including Hand Pendant or Foot Pedal (PLC integration capable)
  • Limit Switches / Proximity Switches
  • Tape Switch® or Beveled Toe Guard options available
  • Accordion Skirting
  • Custom paint and powder-coating options
  • Turn table, Gravity/Powered Conveyor, Ball Transfer, V-trough or custom fixture integration available
  • Velocity fuses available


Upender Rotator with Accordion Skirting
UpEnder V-Position front
Upender Rotator Motor Assembly Strong Back



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