Designed for Bulky, High Capacity Loads

The Quad Scissor Lift configuration is a four-scissor arm set lift designed for very large, long and wide loads. Capable of capacities ranging up to 100,000 pounds, this particular scissor lift is in a class that is set apart from others. The Uni-Craft Quad Scissor Lift Series has a powerful heavy-duty construction to handle the heaviest industrial applications. The Quad Lift design has the length of a Tandem Lift and the width of a Double Wide Lift combined. Strong and durable the Quad Scissor lift begins with solid steel one-piece arm assemblies ranging from 3/4 inch to 1-1/2 inch thick, depending on travel and capacity. The Quad Scissor Lift Series can easily accommodate large assembly or welding applications found in the automotive, steel or heavy equipment industries. When you need a reliable quad scissor lift, the Uni-Craft Quad Scissor Lift Series can provide you with the ergonomic solution specific to your application.


  • Travel distance ranging to 96”
  • Lubricated for life cam follower wheels
  • Designed for hand tool removable replacement parts to minimize down time
  • Multiple power unit options to meet your speed and voltage requirements (starting at ½ HP)
  • High cycle packages
  • Multiple control options including Hand Pendant or Foot Pedal (PLC integration capable)
  • Proximity / Limit Switches
  • Tape Switch® or Beveled Toe Guard options available
  • Accordion skirting
  • Custom paint and powder-coating options
  • Turn table, Gravity/Powered Conveyor, or Ball Transfer integration available
  • Velocity fuses available
  • Central lubrication port system available


Scissor Lift Table Multi Tier Accordion Skirting Up
Scissor Lift Table Double Wide
Scissor Lift Hydraulic Tandem High Capacity
Scissor Lift Quad Tandem
Scissor Lift with Sub Base
Scissor Lift Pneumatic
Scissor Lift Carousel Two Hand Rail
Scissor Lift Light Duty
Scissor Lift Table High Travel
Scissor Lift with Pop-Up Ball Transfer Table
Scissor Lift and Turn Turntable
Scissor Lift Carousel with Hand Rail
Scissor Lift for Paper Roll in Up Position with Skirt
Scissor Lift with Manual Turntable Custom
Scissor Lift Portable Wheel and Dolly Up
Scissor Lift Manual Actuation Up



Ergonomic Pop-Up Ball Transfer Solution

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