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Structural Steel Mezzanines

Structural Steel Mezzanines

A Mezzanine is a raised platform that is independent of a building structure and is supported by columns. Mezzanine structures are utilized to create additional square footage for a variety of uses including storage, extra office space, and elevated work areas. Mezzanine structures increase usable square footage without the expense and inconvenience of relocation.
As your company grows there becomes a need for increased floor space, storage, and work area. As a solution to the need for increased capacity, Uni-Craft builds custom Mezzanines specific to your facility that can double the usable area you have by adding a secondary floor above the existing floor. A custom Uni-Craft steel constructed Mezzanine can help accommodate an increase in personnel, while not altering the existing valuable real estate.
Another benefit of Mezzanines is increased organization, which allows for increased productivity. Reducing clutter in your facility also clears obstacles in restricted areas, allowing traffic to move freely, which reduces workplace accidents, minimizing personnel injuries, and damage to equipment. Uni-Craft Mezzanines are designed and manufactured to meet the customer’s needs.
To provide durability and longevity to your investment, Uni-Craft Mezzanine structures are available in a variety of powder coated colors. Powder coating is used in abusive, corrosive applications, and reduces maintenance on your system saving time and money versus standard painting options.
Uni-Craft’s heavy duty steel Mezzanine offerings are designed to your specifications; with custom sizes, heights, spans, decking materials, and landings. You can feel secure placing your workers on a Uni-Craft Mezzanine that is built with the same quality and structural integrity as all Uni-Craft’s product line. From the initial quote stage on through to the design phase, into shipment to your facility, we craft every project custom for your installation at your facility, and work with your installers every step of the way. Uni-Craft is your solutions provider for your custom designed Mezzanine structures.

Mezzanine  Features designed for performance and value

  • Custom platform sizes
  • Custom heights
  • Steel construction
  • Stainless steel construction optional
  • Handrails
  • Stairs
  • Toe kicks
  • Caged ladders
  • Custom paint and powder-coating options

Options Available

We provide solutions beyond these  Mezzanine structures. Please contact us to find out more.

Custom Solutions

We take enormous pride in the fact that we provide solutions for our customers that no one else can. Please take a moment to look through our custom products to see if they will be a fit for your operation.


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Additional information

Platform Sizes

Sizes and shapes to meet the need of the customer, only limited to shipping capabilities.

Platform Heights

Custom heights to meet the need of the customer.

Hand Rails

Weld on, or bolt on options, with toe kick.

Stairs / Ladders

Stair tread available in diamond plate or bar grating. Caged ladders are also an option.