Uni-Craft Corp. is a Michigan based equipment manufacturer that has been cultivating customer relationships and delivering ergonomic product positioning solutions to companies across North America. Whether you need simple lifting or complete directional positioning, Uni-Craft manufactures positioning solutions that increase productivity and uptime, improves the quality of work, and promotes improvements in employee morale. Our sales leaders have direct access to our engineering team and fabricators, providing our customers the know-how to tackle challenging solution needs.

Uni-Craft offers a broad line of positioning equipment including scissor lifts, tilt tables, mast lifts and upenders. Our talented team of engineers and fabricators will provide you with a customized ergonomic solution specific to your unique application. We pride ourselves on providing manufacturing equipment that is easy to maintain and hand-tool repairable, delivering years of dependable service. We have the ability to customize and integrate Uni-Craft Corp equipment into our customers’ existing manufacturing line, adding production life and reducing downtime.

We are a customer-centered company. You can be confident that every Uni-Craft Corp product that leaves our shop is backed with years of integrity, a knowledgeable team, and a commitment to service. Uni-Craft is your premier ergonomic positioning solutions provider.