Need an Extra Lift at the End of the Year?

2021 has provided some ups and downs! But Uni-Craft Corp. wants to help you make the final turn.


The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler, and holidays are right around the corner! We are guessing it’s a busy time. We are here to help with your lift and positioning equipment projects. We can deliver a custom Scissor Lift in 4-6 weeks. Our standard scissor lifts are available in 36 and 48 inch travel, and our standard tops are available in a 30 x 54 inch top, and a 30 x 66 inch top. Standard Lifts can be ready to ship in 5-7 working days. To get a custom size top on a standard lift, just add a day.
To see our main product offerings, go to Uni-Craft Corp’s Product Linecard. To see our products in action, please visit the Uni-Craft Corp YouTube Channel.


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Lift and Turn

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