UCC_TransferTable_Top View Close-up

Ergonomic Pop-Up Ball Transfer Solution

Uni-Craft Corp. has released a new video showing the features of the ergonomic Pop-Up Transfer Table. Ergonomics is based on the principle that the job should be adapted to fit the person rather than forcing the person to fit the job. The Uni-Craft Corp. Pop-Up Transfer Table reduces friction force when moving, loading, or positioning products. Worker fatigue is minimized through the elimination of lifting, twisting, bending, and pushing. Hand or foot actuators are used to prevent products from moving freely when the stainless-steel pop-up balls are retracted. This enables the operator to better control and handle the movement of product.


Click the link below to watch the Uni-Craft Corp. ergonomically designed Pop-Up Transfer Table in action and listen to the many benefits.


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UCC_TransferTable_Top View Close-up


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