Uni-Craft Solution Spotlight

Pop-Up Ball Transfer Table or Platform


A boiler manufacturer faced safety risks, space limitations, and reduced efficiency as boilers exited one conveyor line, paused for additional assembly and then moved to another conveyor line. The intermediate assembly work posed accessibility challenges so workers had to reposition themselves or manually adjust the heavy, awkward boiler. This increased the amount of time necessary to complete the work and safety risks to workers.

Our Solution

Uni-Craft designed a Pop-Up Ball Transfer Table that featured a 3′ x 4′ platform to fit within the space requirements and manage the load. The Stainless Steel Pop-Up Balls received the heavy boiler as it exited the first conveyor line, allowing the workers to easily maneuver and reposition the boiler for optimal accessibility and then lower the balls so the load was secure in place to complete the work. This ergonomic solution improved worker safety and saved production time.

Customer Profile

Location: New York
Market Segment: Boiler Manufacturer
Application: Product Assembly

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