Pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers and distributors are under constant pressure to produce and deliver more products while also improving the efficiency of their operations. Uni-Craft’s lifting and positioning equipment is a durable, reliable solution that integrates with the plant automation and management software. Our equipment can also be manufactured using stainless steel for use in areas of the process that may require this sanitary option.


Upender Rotator with Accordion Skirting
Scissor Lift and Tilt Table
Scissor Lift Stainless Steel
Scissor Lift Table Multi Tier Accordion Skirting Up
Scissor Lift Table Double Wide
Scissor Lift Hydraulic Tandem High Capacity
Scissor Lift Pneumatic
Scissor Lift Table High Travel
Scissor Lift with Pop-Up Ball Transfer Table
Scissor Lift with High Capacity
Scissor Lift and Turn Turntable