Tilt Loads Up to 95 Degrees

The Uni-Craft Corp. Hydraulic Upender is ideal for the repositioning of large, round or odd shaped objects such as dies, rolls or coils. V-shaped cradles or other fixtures can be mounted to the platforms to assist with pallet, roll handling or crate repositioning. The Upender is tiltable up to 95° and capable of standard capacities ranging up to 8,000 pounds, or more when needed, the Uni-Craft Upender is ideal for the ergonomic solution specific to your application. Unique to Uni-Craft, is the Pass-Thru Upender which provides complete rotation for specialized manufacturing operation applications. The Upender makes repositioning large or awkward products simple and efficient.


  • Tilt angle ranging to 95°
  • Designed for hand tool removable replacement parts to minimize down time
  • High cycle packages available
  • Multiple power unit options to meet your speed and voltage requirements (starting at ½ HP)
  • Multiple control options including Hand Pendant or Foot Pedal (PLC integration capable)
  • Limit Switches / Proximity Switches
  • Tape Switch® or Beveled Toe Guard options available
  • Accordion Skirting
  • Custom paint and powder-coating options
  • Turn table, Gravity or Powered Conveyor, and Ball Transfer integration available
  • Velocity fuses available


Upender Rotator with Accordion Skirting
UpEnder V-Position front
Upender Rotator Motor Assembly Strong Back



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